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SupraOracles is a next-generation cross-chain oracle solution so your smart contracts and blockchain apps work better.
Aleph Zero is an enterprise-ready blockchain platform with a DAG-based consensus protocol that provides near-instant finality and enhanced privacy features.
BlackDragon is a decentralized blockchain-native fundraising group with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams. Since our beginnings in 2017, our central vision has been to empower projects that offer innovative blockchain solutions to real life problems, while adding value to the crypto industry as a whole. Through this, we are able to provide a way for community members to invest their funds in promising projects that exceed our in-depth analysis process.
The RR² investment thesis is centred in a deep conviction around the ‘new internet’ which is being innovated through Blockchain Technology, Ai, Machine Learning and the Digital Asset revolution. Many traditional business paradigms are being innovated at a fast pace through the adoption of these technologies. We aim to capture this value by investing into these teams and using our resources to assist in adoption and stronger awareness.
block54's founders built and exited 200+ people businesses. They gained operational, business, product, and marketing knowledge working for the world’s biggest brands such as Nivea, Virgin Mobile, Lenovo, Logitech, Fortnite, and more.
SubWallet is a Web3 extension wallet for Substrate-based chains. SubWallet makes it easy to track, send, receive and sign transactions on Defi and GameFi applications in the chains built using the Substrate ecosystem. Forget about the long wait when performing basic transfers with the Polkadot JS application. You can now easily transfer assets in your extension window. SubWallet is not only an ordinary balance tracking wallet, it also helps users manage their investment portfolio in a scientific and complete way without having to open any other applications.
AngelBlock is a crypto and fintech investment platform connecting investors with noteworthy startups with a focus on early-stage investments. AngelBlock will allow crypto, fintech, Web3, and blockchain startups to raise funds and gain support from knowledgeable, experienced professionals with a proven track record. It will promote startups providing solid information about their ideas, mission, plans, and people behind them — just as any professional investor might expect.
DRKVRS is a unique spin on the metaverse whose gameplay will allow participants the opportunity to engage with adult themes and rich mythologies. The project is spearheaded by a talented team, including Oscar-nominated producer Marcin Kobylecki and renowned science fiction writers Jacek Dukaj and Łukasz Orbitowski.
Gatenox is a leading corporate onboarding solution for the digital economy, building Anti Money Laundering and KYC/KYB infrastructure for the the digital and Web 3.0 era. Everyone from new startups to large companies can use our software to accept and onboard customers and manage their businesses online. The Gatenox Hub is a verificator portal which addresses all corporate KYC compliance requirements from a single place.
Discover, create, collect and trade NFTs on Aleph Zero Blockchain with
The Institutional Gateway To Lend Or Borrow Stablecoins And Crypto. We are establishing a global network of professional trading firms to bring trust into an opaque lending and borrowing market. We launch next generation products including industry-first electronic promissory notes, institutional DeFi protocols and secure wallet connectors with the aim to become the global gateway for algorithmic price matching of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.
Interlock is the first decentralized security platform that’s changing the security paradigm with blockchain. We’re creating an ecosystem of community-driven security products and a threat intelligence network to protect web users and decentralized finance. Our vision is to become an ungated threat intelligence platform that elevates our understanding of cybercrime and strengthens the world’s ability to battle online threats. Our first product is a browser extension giving instant protection from browser-based threats, while rewarding users for sharing anonymized browsing data.