Research Engineering Internship (Static Analysis)



Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2024

Who We Are

SupraOracles is here to define the future of information services in global markets! We are an exciting, ambitious, and well-funded startup with some unique technical capabilities that we believe will help cement us as a future leader in decentralized data.

We’re a diverse team of professionals, academics, and advisors with experience from leading institutions such as the Euronext Stock Exchange, JPMorgan Chase, Qualcomm, ConsenSys, and Sony. Our global foundation is located in Switzerland, however we are a remote first company and you’ll be joining a globally distributed team distributed across over 29 countries!

Our project is spearheaded by seasoned professionals with experience in the architecture of consensus mechanisms, randomness research, real-time data services, investment banking, digital securities, traditional stock exchanges, big data, doctoral academia, big 4 consulting, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi. Join us to help progress our solution to the Oracle Dilemma.

We thrive on trust and honesty. We believe in the positive and ethical impacts these cutting-edge technologies in a decentralized environment can have on the world.

Your alignment and cultural fitment to these core values and beliefs are of considerable value to us.

What we're looking for

The goal of this position is to build a static analyzer of EVM Bytecodes to determine an access specification of public entry functions.
Typically a smart contract has public entry functions that get called by the transactions. The static analyzer should answer: “What data may be accessed by a public entry function?” using a standard program analysis technique. The internship involves finding the best research & tools available for such a project and, implementing this static analysis, and integrating it into the Supra technology stack. We can start with this tool set https://souffle-lang.github.io/

Based on the internship performance, there is a high chance of getting inducted into the highly talented team of Supra Engineers. We have many works planned related to the application of formal methods, such as - extending the above static analyzer to Move bytecodes, generating test vectors for testing distributed protocols implementation, etc We are currently seeking Engineering Interns on a fixed-term basis (3 months)

Based on performance, there is a high chance of being inducted into the highly talented team of Supra Engineers.


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Are you the right person for this role?

The ideal candidate for us has:


  • Final year undergraduation or above
  • Formal methods background


  • Knowledge of Data flow analysis techniques
  • Solidity and EVM

Internship Duration:

  • Up to 3 months based on mutual agreement

What's In It For You

  • You will have the opportunity to work for a fast-growing start-up within a diverse team where you can make a large impact by doing meaningful work.
  • You will work in a fully remote environment with flexible hours to work from anywhere in the world.
  • We offer a competitive base salary for full-time salary based positions (option to be paid in crypto) + Tokens (Equity)
  • Flexible PTO, sick leave, and unpaid time off.
  • Paid National Holidays (specific to your country).
  • We offer medical, vision, and dental for our employees.

Getting Started with SupraOracles

Here at SupraOracles we like to give you some time to orientate yourself.
We’ll give you lots of time in your first month to do all of these important tasks.

  • Get familiar with your team, the business, our vision, mission and our strategies for success.
  • Up-skill as necessary to become familiar with the rapidly changing arena of DeFi creators and projects.
  • Understand our core values.
  • Set up 1-1 with your colleagues.
  • Become familiar with the tools and processes we use.
  • Analyze our product offerings.
  • Jump in and be a part of the conversations!

Then, it’s to work! We’ll set you up for success with all the tooling and assets you need.

You will have regular discussions with your line manager so that you can gauge how your priorities fit in with team and company goals.
You will be all set to enjoy this journey among exceptional teammates to make a Better Blockchain.